What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Trial Lawyer?

People often ask me, “Why should I hire a trial lawyer? Why not go with the famous TV lawyers we see on our television set every day?” The answer is simple: it’s experience. A trial lawyer is someone who takes a case, works it up, puts in the time and financial resources that are necessary, and presents that case to a jury. A good trial lawyer wins his cases in front of a jury. A TV lawyer is a different being. They don’t try cases. They take in one case, settle it as quickly as they can, and move onto the next one. Insurance companies know which lawyers are trial lawyers and which lawyers are TV lawyers, and that’s where the difference comes in. If a trial lawyer presents a case to an insurance company, they value it higher than that of a TV lawyer because they know, ultimately, that TV lawyer is going to have to settle the case and move onto the next one. That doesn’t happen with a trial lawyer.