The most difficult part of being a personal injury lawyer is explaining to someone that the statute of limitations has passed and nothing can be done.

Representing catastrophically injured people, we see heartbreak and tragedy on a daily basis.  There is one thing that is especially heartbreaking.  When people come to me after a loved one was injured or killed, the question they want answered is “Do we have a case”?  The most difficult part of this job is answering that question by saying, “You had a case, but the time limits have passed and there is nothing I can do for you”. 

Personal injury and wrongful death cases are governed by what is called a Statute of Limitations.  In the mid-south, we are faced with some of the shortest statutes of limitations in the country.  In most cases, a statute of limitations is a hard and fast rule and if it has expired, there is nothing that can be done.  Rarely, there are facts which may allow a case to be brought outside the statute of limitations.  An experienced lawyer will be able to determine whether your case can be brought outside the statute of limitations.

The most important thing to remember is to call a lawyer as soon as possible after someone has been hurt.  You don’t want to find yourself sitting across from a lawyer and finding out that you will have to handle all of the medical bills and expenses on your own because you waited too long to do something about it.

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