Holding Manufacturers Accountable for Injuries Caused by Defective Products

One of the things we are often called upon to do in a product liability case is to determine why a product failed. If a product failed due to a design or manufacturing defect, the manufacturer of the product can be held accountable.

This car seat is an example of a case we investigated. The case came to us after two other law firms turned the case down — they found it too difficult to prove. So the family came to us. We took the car seat and got our team of experts together, and we sent the car seat off for testing. In some controlled tests, they were able to determine that the plastic latch — which is the only thing anchoring the car seat into the base — was defectively designed and poorly manufactured. In this case, the latch broke upon impact and sent the child inside the seat as a missile floating around the inside of the car. The child suffered horrific injuries, and we were able to hold the manufacturer of the car seat accountable for their defective design.