New Study Says Increased Cesarean Section Rates are Safer

In a major change,  a study published this week in the Journal of the American Medical Association  (JAMA)  says that higher cesarean section rates prove to be safer.   For years insurance companies and hospitals have insisted that the ceserean  section rates were too high and pushed doctors to lower the C-Section rates.  

In this new study,  the authors found that a C-Section rate as high as 19 per cent per 100 babies was safer,  resulting in less mortality to Moms and Babies.     JAMA released the article and an editorial announcing the study results in their December 1, 2015 edition.  

Up until now,  hospitals and insurance companies were striving for a C-Section rate as low as 10 per cent per 100 babies.  

This study proves what many Ob-Gyns have always known:  the C-Section rate should not be driven by hospitals and insurance companies, but instead should be based on each individual situation and what is the safest option for Mom and Baby.