Because of the Snow and Ice on the roads today, Memphis and the Mid South are under an Inclement Weather Accident Policy, Know What That Means if you have been in an automobile crash

As many of you know,   because of the snow and ice here in the Mid South,  the city of Memphis Police Department has instituted the INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY  for automobile crashes.  If you are involved in a car crash,  it is important to know what that policy means.

Under the Inclement Weather Policy,  if you are  involved in a crash and there are no injuries,  and no wreckers are needed, you do not have to call the police, but instead you can exchange names  addresses, phone numbers, insurance information, vehicle registration and license plate numbers with the other driver

BUT BE WARNED:   Because the police are not be called to the accident scene if  it turns out you are injured,  the insurance companies will try and use the inclement weather policy against you.

Many times the insurance company will say that since you did not call the police,   you were not really  injured and therefore,   they will not pay for your medical bills or other injuries.

The reality is,  many  times people will be in a wreck and think they are not injured.   Then,  hours later,  they may begin to feel sore and in pain.  Often,  there is no sudden sharp pain,  but hours later the pain can become very intense.  

If you are involved in an accident during the inclement weather policy period,  make sure you are not injured before you agree to not call the police.

Also be very careful if you decide to just exchange information with the other driver.  Ask to see their actual vehicle registration and their driver's license.  It is also a good idea to use your cell phone to take a photo of the back of the other car so you can see the license plate. 

Most importantly,  if you think you might have been injured,   simply call the police and wait for them to arrive.     

If you have questions about the inclement weather policy and car crashes,  or what to if you are in a car crash when the city or county is under the inclement weather policy,  call the Holton law firm

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