First the FDA Issues a Black Box Warning about the dangers of the Essure Birth Control Device. And now, a Federal Judge in Philadelphia has ruled in favor of the Plaintiffs and against Bayer Corporation by denying Bayer's Motion to Dismiss the cases.

Judge John Padova,  a Federal Judge in Philadelphia, PA.,  has been ruled in favor of  5 Essure plaintiffs and against Bayer Corporation by denying the manufacturer's Motion to Dismiss the cases.   

In a more than 50 page ruling,  Judge Padova denied the Bayer company's  Motion to Dismiss.  In the complaints, the patients have stated that Bayer made false statements about the safety of Essure,  and that the birth control device was defective and dangerous.    They have also said they were permanently injured by the defective birth control device.  

The ruling by Judge Padova can be found on our document library.  A detailed explanation about the FDA Black Box Warning is also available here on our website.

If you or someone you know has an Essure Birth Control device and is experiencing problems with that device,  call the Holton Law Firm for more information about the Essure lawsuits and the time limits for filing an Essure complaint.