Johnson & Johnson talc products, including baby powder, may cause a 33% increase in ovarian cancer rates among women.

Talc is a naturally occurring mineral called magnesium silicate and is mined from the earth.  It is used in many products including cosmetics and is also used as a food additive.

Talc is commonly found in most American households where we know it as baby powder.  Baby powder is used to control diaper rash and is used in foot powder and other products to control moisture and odor. 

Studies have linked the use of baby powder by women to ovarian cancer which can lead to death.  Some studies show a 33% increase in the risk of ovarian cancer by women who use talc powder. 

A case recently went to trial in St. Louis, Missouri over the issue of baby powder and ovarian cancer.  Johnson and Johnson was sued by a woman who used Johnson and Johnson baby powder and Shower to Shower for years.  She developed ovarian cancer and died.  According to the evidence presented at trial, the cancerous tissues removed from her body contained talc. 

The jury returned a total verdict this week of $72 million.  $10 million were for compensatory damages and $62 million were for punitive damages.  The jury awarded punitive damages to punish Johnson and Johnson based on evidence presented that Johnson and Johnson knew since the 1980’s that the use of its baby powder can cause ovarian cancer and hid that knowledge in order to continue to make large profits. 

There are currently around 1,200 cases filed nationally against Johnson and Johnson for cancer in women allegedly caused by use of their baby powder. 

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