Instrument Deliveries Can Help or Harm a Baby

What is an instrument delivery? There are two types of deliveries that are done with instruments. The first is what’s called a forceps delivery. That’s where the doctor places these two metal blades around the skull of the baby and pulls the baby through to help effectuate a delivery. That is called a forceps delivery, and there are various kinds of forceps that doctors use — some larger and some smaller. Another type of instrument delivery is what is called a vacuum delivery. In this case, the doctor places a vacuum device on the skull of the baby and then pulls the baby through the birth canal using the vacuum device. This is done when the baby becomes stuck and often requires some assistance. The idea behind using instruments, as you can see from this demonstration…the baby is coming down the birth canal and is impacted by the pelvic bones of the mom. In the case of a vacuum delivery, the doctor applies the vacuum and then pulls the baby through or, in the case of a forceps delivery, places the blades around the baby’s head and again, pulls the baby through.