A Class Action Lawsuit filed by the Holton Law Firm has been certified against Seeco, Desoto Gathering and Southwestern Midstream. The lawsuit seeks to recover more than $1 Billion from SEECO and its sister companies for improper Royalty Deductions from Arkansas Residents with SEECO leases.

A Class Action Lawsuit was certified by the Circuit Court of St. Francis County, Arkansas  on behalf of Arkansas Residents who get Royalty Checks from SEECO under a lease that allows certain costs to be deducted from the checks.   

The Lawsuit states that SEECO has been taking  Improper Deductions from the Royalty Checks of Arkansas Residents for many years and it may total more than $1.4 Billion.   

This is an Arkansas State Court class action and is only for Arkansas Residents.

If you are a Resident of Arkansas and have a Natural Gas lease with SEECO, and your lease allows for deductions from your Royalty Checks, you may be entitled to money damages through this class action lawsuit. 

Tim Holton with the Holton Law Firm has been approved as class counsel to represent the members of this class action lawsuit. 

If you have questions about this class action lawsuit,   please call us here at the Holton Law Firm.   We are here to help.