An article published last week has raised new concerns about Xarelto, the popular blood thinner, due to defective test kits used during the clinical trials.

The popular blood thinner Rivaroxaban, sold under the name XARELTO, has been the subject of controversy lately due to risks of fatal internal bleeding and fatal brain hemmhorage.

XARELTO has been marketed as a safer alternative to warfarin and other blood thinners based on test results from a clinical trial called ROCKET-AF.

A new article, published by BMJ journal last week, raises new concerns about the safety of XARELTO.  You can find the full article on our website at  According to the BMJ article, the clinical safety trials for XARELTO, known as ROCKET-AF, involved INR test kits which were defective and recalled by the FDA.

The defective test kits used in the XARELTO clinical trial have reportedly malfunctioned 18,924 times.  As a result of the defective test kits, the data may be skewed which makes XARELTO seem safer that it actually was in terms of internal bleeding and hemmhorage.

More information is forthcoming about the results of the clinical trials and the safety of XARELTO.  We will continue to provide updates here and on our website, 

As always, do not make changes or stop taking your prescription medication without consulting your doctor.

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