How Our Lawyers Can Help You Determine if You Have an Injury Case

One of the first things I’m asked by a new client is, “Do I have a case?” As an experienced trial lawyer, we will investigate your case to answer that question. If your case is an automobile accident, we’ll get the accident report. We’ll go over the accident report to find out what happened. We’ll also talk to witnesses and, ultimately, be able to answer that question for you: “Do I have a case?”

If it involves a defective product, often times we will purchase the product and then send it out to our many expert witnesses who will be able to evaluate whether or not that product caused you harm.

Finally, if your case is a medical negligence case, we’ll gather all of your medical records. We’ll review them with our in-house staff of nurses, and then we’ll send it out to medical experts — doctors in the field — who will look at your records and make a determination of whether or not you have a case. If you have a question about whether or not you have a case, call the lawyers at the Holton Law Firm.