What Victims of Truck Wrecks Should Know About These Types of Injury Claims

People often ask us, “What’s the difference from a legal standpoint between a car wreck and a truck wreck?” The most obvious thing is the damage cost because big rig trucks are much heavier, and they cause much more harm upon impact than a typical passenger vehicle. The second thing is the difference in the investigation stage. As soon as one of those trucks is involved in an accident, that company dispatches investigators to the scene. Often times, while the injured person is in the hospital, the company is out there looking at the evidence and piecing together their side of the story. Thirdly, those trucks are often equipped with GPS monitors so you can tell how fast the truck was going, when the last time it stopped, and whether it had properly heeded all stops at the weigh stations. The drivers are requ

ired to keep log books, as well, so we can look back and determine what they were doing in the minutes and hours before that accident.