Helping Families Seek Justice for Traumatic Birth Injuries

One of the most frequent cases I’m asked about is birth injury cases. I have been trying birth injury cases since the 1980s. Often times I get calls from lawyers across the country asking me to look at a birth injury case. Many times a family will come to see me and say, “I’ve been to another lawyer. I’ve been to two other lawyers, and they don’t think they can help me.” Here at the Holton Law Firm we use our experience to look at your records, to send it out for review by qualified experts to get to the very bottom and determine if indeed you have a case.

Unfortunately, birth injury cases often result in the most horrific damages. A child can be injured and need care for the rest of their lives. We have handled those cases and have successfully resolved them so that children can be taken care of. Often times, the cost to take care of a birth injured child can amount to millions and millions of dollars. If you or a loved one has a question about what may have occurred during the birth of a child, contact the Holton Law Firm.