Why You Will Want a Copy of the Police Report After an Accident

If you’ve been involved in an accident, the most important piece of evidence that you want to obtain at the very beginning is a copy of the crash report. That report provides a wealth of information about the accident, not only the date and time of the accident but where the accident occurred, the names of the other drivers involved, the makes and models of the vehicles involved, and whether or not those other drivers had insurance. The report will also contain a narrative by the police officer who came to the scene. Typically, that officer will talk to witnesses about what they saw and try to piece together a picture of what happened in the crash. The police report is not admissible as evidence because the police officer typically didn’t see the accident and, therefore, can’t come to court and testify about what he saw. If the police report shows that you were at fault in the accident, but you don’t feel that you were, don’t worry. The fact that you got a ticket for causing the accident is also not admissible.

If you would like to obtain a copy of your police report, you can go to 201 Poplar up to the 10th floor to the Central Records Office. They will make you a copy of the police report for $.15 per page. If you would like the Holton Law Firm to investigate your accident, come sit down and talk with us. We’ll take care of getting the police report for you.