Dangerous or Defective Products Hurt People in the Mid-South Every Year

Across the mid-South, people use dozens of different kinds of products throughout their days, assuming that those products will work as intended. Whether it’s a small part inside a car, a piece of heavy equipment used at work, or a medical device used by a doctor, a defect or undetected hazard can turn into a big problem.

Every year, products—from dangerous prescription drugs to car tires—are recalled by the government because they are harmful to people. However, product recalls and warnings don’t help the existing victims get better or compensate them for what they’ve been through.

If you suspect that you or a family member was hurt because a product didn’t work correctly or didn’t offer adequate warning of its risks, you should know that you can get answers about what happened to you. To start investigating your rights now, you can contact one of the experienced attorneys with Holton Law Firm today at 888-443-4387.

Almost Any Kind of Product Can Be Dangerous

While defects or dangerous issues in some products—such as surgical hardware or car tires—may be more likely to cause serious injuries, nearly any product can be dangerous if it doesn’t work as expected. People across the nation have been hurt by all kinds of dangerous products, including:

  • Medical devices
  • Over-the-counter and prescription drugs
  • Cars, trucks, and other vehicles
  • Auto parts
  • Bikes
  • Toys and sports gear
  • Appliances and home furnishings
  • Equipment used in the workplace

Sometimes, there is a manufacturing defect in the product that makes it unsafe to use. Other times, there are problems with how the public is told about the product or warned about the risks. The problem could even come up because a product wasn’t tested—or wasn’t tested thoroughly enough. However, regardless of why dangerous products are allowed to reach consumers, the end result is the same: someone gets seriously hurt or killed.

Victims May Be Unaware That Defective Products Played a Role in Their Injuries

Sometimes, it is clear that a product didn’t work as intended and was responsible for someone’s injury. However, in a lot of cases, it may not be immediately obvious to the person who is hurt that a dangerous or defective product was to blame. Here are two recent examples:

  • Trinity ET-Plus guardrails. These guardrails were installed on highways around the nation. However, after numerous people were hurt or killed by a potential defect, questions arose about the safety of the guardrail system. Because consumers were only affected by the potential issue when they had already been in a wreck, many people were unaware that the design of the guardrail even could have contributed.
  • Power morcellators. Power morcellators are surgical devices used by doctors to remove tissue during certain surgeries. However, its use in gynecological surgeries has been linked with the development of aggressive cancer in some women. The women who have been potentially affected by the device, as well as their surviving family members, may not be aware that the device was even used or that a past hysterectomy may be linked to cancer.

In both of these cases, victims may have been seriously hurt or made ill by a product, but they probably would have no way to know that their injuries were related—or that there was a problem—until they hear about a case in the news or look further into what happened with a skilled legal representative. This is why a thorough investigation of the circumstances of an injury is so important for victims.

Companies Can Be Held Financially Responsible for Dangerous and Defective Products

As an attorney investigates a case of product liability, he or she will also carefully look at who may be responsible for the problem. Those responsible parties might include…

  • The company responsible for design, testing, and development
  • The manufacturer of the product or its parts
  • The company that puts products together using manufactured parts
  • The company that installs products or parts
  • The store that sold the product
  • The company that marketed the product

Companies have a duty to keep the public reasonably safe and warn consumers of potential risks, and this duty extends to companies at many different stages of a product’s development and sales.

Even if a product or drug has not yet been recalled, victims still may be able to take legal action. If successful, the victim may be able to recover compensation for medical treatment, pain and suffering, and other losses.

Helping the Victims of Dangerous Products in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas

Holding manufacturers and companies responsible for problems with the products they produce isn’t easy for most families and individuals. These kinds of cases often involve highly skilled company attorneys, complex medical and industry knowledge, and a deep understanding of how these kinds of cases work.

At our Memphis law office, our attorneys have extensive experience with cases of serious injury of all kinds. We understand what to look for when a problem with a product is suspected in a case, and we have the knowledge and resources to take on huge national or international companies when they allow unsafe products to reach unsuspecting consumers. We have a history of success in injury and class-action cases, and we always put the focus on the needs of the victims and their families.

If you believe you may have been hurt because of a malfunctioning or defective product, call 888-443-4387 today to speak with our experienced product liability attorneys about your concerns.