The Importance of Legal Representation in Product Liability Cases

When consumers purchase a product, they usually assume that both the manufacturer and retailer have taken the appropriate precautions to ensure the product's safety. However, this isn't always the case. In 2010 alone, 38,573,000 Americans sought medical attention for injuries related to consumer products. Defective product liabiity

Regardless of whether the injury was caused by a defectively designed, defectively manufactured, or defectively labeled product, the victim has the right to file a product liability lawsuit to hold the manufacturer responsible.

However, obtaining compensation in a product liability case can be challenging, as victims must show that they were using the product as directed, that the product was indeed defective, that they sustained injuries, and that the product's defect was the direct cause of those injuries. This is no small feat and often requires not only a comprehensive understanding of product liability law but also an in-depth technical analysis of the product itself. Additionally, plaintiffs may find they must go head-to-head with intimidating corporate counsel who are particularly adept at using their legal expertise to limit their company's financial obligations to those injured by their products.

This is why hiring an experienced product liability lawyer is so important. Not only can a product liability lawyer help level the playing field during negotiations or in the courtroom, he can also obtain expert witnesses such as scientists or doctors to testify on his client’s behalf if the case actually goes to trial. Product liability lawyers can also help their clients estimate the full financial and non-economic impact of their injuries and ensure that whatever settlement they receive is fair and appropriate.

Product Liability Lawyers You Can Trust

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