Recalled Hip Implants

Stryker and Smith and Nephew Hip Implants

Stryker and Smith and Nephew recently recalled popular metal on metal hip implants due to numerous problems including a higher rate of revisions.  HoltonLaw Firm's Memphis attorneys can make sure your rights are protected if you have a metal on metal hip implant, or have had a metal on metal hip implant that has been removed.  

Numerous data sources have revealed a higher percentage of metal on metal hip implants fail to perform properly.  This failure can result in metallosis, corrosion, infections, and in many cases, the implant will require further surgery for revision.  As a result, the problematic hip implants have been recalled.

Possible signs of a problematic hip implant include infection, dislocation, metal sensitivity, loosening, fracture, pain and swelling. 

You can view the Smith and Nephew information on the recall by CLICKING HERE.

You can view information on the Stryker recall by CLICKING HERE.

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