What are no-zones around a truck?

Car with shattered windshieldSemi-trucks are much larger and heavier than passenger vehicles, which increases the potential for serious injury and damage in the event of an accident. For this reason, drivers of passenger vehicles should employ greater caution when driving near 18-wheelers to prevent accidents, especially around the truck’s “no-zones.” Truck

Avoid No-Zones to Help Prevent an Accident

There are danger areas around a semi-truck known as no-zones, in which the risk of an accident greatly increases. Drivers should do their best to avoid these areas, which include:

  • The sides. Both the large area behind the truck’s passenger door and the small area behind its driver-side door are difficult for a truck driver to see—even using his mirrors as aides. Limited visibility on both sides, but especially on the driver’s right side, creates great potential for an accident.
  • The immediate front. Especially at high speeds and in poor weather conditions, semi-trucks need more stopping distance due to their size and weight. Drivers should avoid cutting off large trucks or driving directly in front of them.
  • The immediate rear. Keeping a safe following distance is important when driving at all times, but it is especially important when driving behind a semi. Because the trucks are so large, it’s difficult to see around them—which can make it nearly impossible to anticipate when they will stop because of traffic or an obstacle in the road.

When driving near and around semi-trucks, remembering this simple rule may help you stay safe: if you can’t see the driver’s mirrors, he can’t see you.

Blind Spots Are Not an Excuse

Although every driver can do her part in preventing an accident with a large truck by avoiding the no-zones, you should remember that truck drivers (or another contributing party) should still be held responsible for their carelessness, recklessness, and negligence—and any injuries and damages that result from an accident.

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