Do I Have a Valid Injury Case?

Lawsuits are not uncommon. In 2013 alone, 284,604 civil cases were filed, according to the United States Courts. People who are involved in a personal injury accident often need to file a lawsuit to help pay for their medical bills and damages. To determine if you have a valid injury case, an experienced lawyer can help you answer three important questions about the injury, cause, and the link between the two. 

Were You Injured?

Do you have a personal injury case?

The first question that needs to be answered is if you were injured. A claimant’s injuries are an important part of a successful injury lawsuit, and the outcome of the case may depend on how serious those injuries are. If you sustained injuries in a car accident, after medical treatment, or while using a manufactured product, you may be able to recover monetary compensation for present and future medical treatment, lost wages, property damages, and pain and suffering.

Did Someone Make a Mistake?

Building a case means determining whether or not someone made a mistake in the circumstances leading up to your injury. You need to show:

  • That someone broke traffic laws that caused your car accident. You’ll need to show evidence that the other driver was at fault in some way such as driving while distracted or drunk, running a red light, or failing to yield.
  • That you were injured after using a product. You’ll need to show evidence that the manufacturer used defective parts or ingredients, or the distributor damaged the functionality of the product.
  • That you were injured after medical treatment. You’ll need to show evidence that medical professionals who treated you breached the expected standard of care while administering medication, performing surgery, conducting tests, or prescribing medication.

Did the Negligence Directly Cause Your Injuries?

The most important piece of the case is whether or not you can prove that your injuries are a direct result of another person’s mistake or negligence. When you work with an attorney, he’ll investigate many aspects of that connection for the following types of lawsuits:  

  • Car accident. A lawyer will scrutinize the circumstances surrounding the accident. This includes outlining the events leading up to it and interviewing witnesses.
  • Defective products. A lawyer may purchase the defective product, send it out to qualified experts who can identify malfunctions, investigate who knew about the issue, and discover what measures (if any) were taken to correct the defect.
  • Medical negligence. A lawyer may gather medical records, review them with known medical experts, and identify evidence that might show negligence.

Speak With an Experienced Attorney

The best way to determine if you have a valid injury case is to contact an experienced lawyer. It’s also important to be aware of the time restrictions that come with filing an injury claim. The team at the Holton Law Firm has been successfully handling injury lawsuits for decades, and we’re here to answer your questions about the validity of your case, too. Reach out to us by starting a live online chat.