How can I find the names of people who witnessed my accident?

In a car accident claim, more than just money is at stake. Car accidents cost an annual average of $230.6 billion each year, according to the Association for Safe International Road Travel (ASIRT), but injured victims need to heal properly, too. Recovering adequate compensation relies heavily on building an accurate narrative of what happened. Eye witnesses and their accounts are a key piece of evidence in supporting the facts, so it’s important that you know the ways to identify witnesses, get their information, and what information you’ll need from them.

Finding Key Witnesses

Sometimes, a good witness who confirms the details of your story can convince an insurance company or a jury of the legitimacy of your injuries and need for compensation. Witnesses to your accident are also important because they have no interest in the outcome of your case, financial or otherwise. To find eye witnesses:

  • Speak with people at the scene of your accident. If you are capable, speak with people who may have seen what happened as soon after the accident as possible. Similar to taking pictures and obtaining the other driver’s information, recording an eye witness account can assist your case.
  • Return to the scene. If you were unable to speak with strangers directly after the accident, it may help to revisit the scene. Any nearby business owners or people who walk near the scene frequently may know something.
  • Obtain a police report. At the scene of an accident, police often investigate by speaking with bystanders. In the police report, you may find names of people you can speak to.  
  • Ask other witnesses. If you were able to get one witness testimony, that witness may have been with another person at the time of the accident who also saw what happened. Multiple agreeing accounts of how the accident occurred can help corroborate your story.

What Information You Should Collect

After finding good witnesses, it’s important to obtain all the information you need to assist your lawyer in building a solid case. Once you ask for their accounts of what happened, you should also collect the following from each witness:

  • Full legal name
  • Telephone numbers (home, work, and cell)
  • Mailing addresses for home and work

Legal Assistance You Can Count On

If you’ve been injured in a car accident and need assistance finding witnesses, the lawyers at the Holton Law Firm can help. We’ve been advocating for our clients and earning them fair compensation for decades, and we are available to help in your case, too. To speak with a member of our team, start a live online chat on our website.