Case study: Uterine rupture in a patient with seemingly low risk factors

uterine rupture is a life-threatening medical emergency and expectant mothers should be aware of the risk during pregnancy and delivery. These ruptures usually occur at the site of the scar from a previous C-section, however that is not always the case. On rare occasions, a uterine rupture can occur even when there is no previous scarring. 


One case study aims to look at the risk factors for a uterine rupture in an unscarred uterus, as the risk is largely unknown (Halassy and Prezzato, 2019). The authors point out that because this type of rupture is rare, diagnosis can be delayed which can result in an increased likelihood of both fetal and maternal morbidity and mortality.  


The case study shows an example of what was regarded as a low risk situation becoming a detrimental delivery. It is believed that a myriad of factors all led to the rupture in the 40 year old female, including advanced maternal age and an external cephalic version that was done to turn the fetus, among others. 


“Heightened awareness, close supervision, and low threshold for intervention would enable obstetrical teams to achieve a better outcome when presented with a similar situation (Halassy and Prezzato, 2019).” 


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