Understanding Recent Developments in the VW Diesel Case

Recently, Volkswagen (VW) came under fire for attempting to cheat the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emission regulations in the U.S. The car makers marketed their clean diesel TDI cars as a viable alternative to electric vehicles. However, although the cars passed EPA regulations during test mode, the vehicle’s computer in normal mode was found to emit more nitrogen oxide (which is a carcinogenic pollutant). VW admitted that it installed secret software in its diesel cars to make them seem cleaner in testing than they actually were. 

In the U.S., about 550,000 cars were recalled, and it’s possible that this problem affects around 10.5 million VW diesel vehicles worldwide.

VW Litigation Moves to Northern CA

After news of the scandal was reported, millions of people who owned these cars became part of class action lawsuits filed throughout the U.S. However, these cases were consolidated, and the court transferred all litigation to the Federal Court in the Northern District of California. This decision may have been made for a few reasons, including:

  • How many lawsuits were filed in each district
  • Where witnesses were located
  • Which judge would hear the case

Before a Final Settlement, VW Offers a Goodwill Package

If you are a VW Diesel TDI owner and were affected by the scandal, it’s possible you were offered a “goodwill” package from VW. This program offered the following to owners of the 2.0L and 3.0L models:

  • $500 Visa Prepaid Loyalty Card
  • $500 Dealership Credit
  • Free 24-hour roadside assistance service for three years

Our team received calls from VW diesel car owners asking whether or not accepting the package would impact their ability to sue over the emissions issue. Tim Holton inquired with VW’s team of lawyers and received written confirmation that accepting the package will not harm a person’s ability to recover compensation in this matter.

We Can Answer Your Questions

A settlement has been reached over the 2.0L model; VW has reached agreements with the EPA over the 3.0L model; and another settlement has been proposed. If you have questions about this case, it’s important that you contact the team at the Holton Law Firm. We’ve filed lawsuits for affected buyers from Tennessee and Arkansas, and we can explain what happens now that the litigation is being moved. Fill out the online contact form on our website today to get your questions answered.


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