Understanding the SEECO Class Action Lawsuit

A St. Francis County Circuit Court in Arkansas approved and certified a class-action lawsuit against SEECO, Inc., which is now known as SWN Production (Arkansas), LLC. Through this lawsuit, Arkansas residents who have a natural gas lease with SEECO may be able to recover funds from underpaid royalties. If you have a lease with SEECO, it’s important to understand what’s at the root of this claim, what’s been done so far, and how the Holton Law Firm can help you if you’re eligible to join this class-action suit.  SEECO class-action lawsuit

What Is the Basis for This Lawsuit?

The original plaintiff in this case, a lessor and royalty owner in Conway County, alleges that SEECO, Inc. and the other defendants involved were dishonest in making deductions from lessors’ royalties payments. Other plaintiffs have since joined the complaint and are seeking compensation because they believe they’ve been underpaid after SEECO’s wrongdoing. Here are a few key facts about the lawsuit:

  • Eighty-eight plaintiffs from three different counties have joined the case.
  • The plaintiffs allege that SEECO falsely made the deductions look lawful by billing them as “cost of service.”
  • The plaintiffs allege that SEECO made these false deductions to gain more profits.
  • The plaintiffs are also suing for breach of contract.
  • Other official charges against SEECO, Inc. and other defendants include fraud, fraudulent concealment, and civil conspiracy.
  • Plaintiffs are seeking up to $1.4 billion in improper royalty deductions.

What’s Happened in This Lawsuit So Far?

The defendants filed a counter-claim, which the court denied. Additionally, the defendants have submitted requests for a summary judgement—meaning they believe the court has all the confirmed facts it needs to make a decision. The courts have denied some of these, and a few are still pending. Both parties have gone through discovery, also. Consequently, after forthcoming pretrial motions, the lawsuit will continue to trial soon.

We Can Help You in This Class Action

If you are an Arkansas resident and believe SEECO may have underpaid your royalties, the Holton Law Firm can help. Not only do we have decades of experience as trial lawyers, we’ve also been approved as class counsel to represent the members of this lawsuit. If you have questions, call us at 888-443-4387.


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