How Social Media Use Can Damage Your Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

When a patient files a medical malpractice lawsuit against a doctor or other medical provider, investigators and attorneys for the defense will often look for ways to reduce their client's potential financial obligation to the victim—either by casting doubt on the severity of the victim's injuries or seeking to undermine his credibility. However, sometimes the victim's own actions on social media inadvertently aid the defense in this process.  Medical malpractice cases and social media

If you post comments about the case, share photos, or are tagged in photos showing your involvement in activities that should be difficult given your injuries, you may give the defense ammunition that will hurt your chances for financial recovery.

Tips for Protecting Your Case

There are several things medical malpractice plaintiffs can do to prevent their social media activity from negatively impacting the outcome of their lawsuit, including deactivating their social media accounts until the case is resolved. However, if suspending all social media use isn't an option, the following tips may help mitigate the impact of social media on your case:

  • Engage the strictest possible privacy settings, and only share information with people you know and trust.
  • Don't accept friend requests from strangers or attempt to “friend” your attorney or members of their staff.
  • Never discuss your medical problems or legal issues, whether on your page or in chat rooms, groups, or forums.
  • Refrain from posting photos or videos of yourself, and ask your friends not to share photos or videos of you while your case is pending.
  • Assume that anything and everything you post will be seen by the defense.
  • Don't delete any previous posts pertaining to the alleged medical malpractice or lawsuit.

Do You Need a Medical Malpractice Lawyer?

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