What to Expect When Raising a Child With Cerebral Palsy

You’ve probably heard the saying that being a parent is the hardest job you can ever have, and as a parent, you know that saying is true. But what you didn’t expect is that your child would have cerebral palsy (CP), making this statement even more true. Although raising a child with CP isn’t necessarily any more of a commitment than raising a child who doesn’t have the condition, it does come with its own specific challenges.

Caring for a Child With CP

One of the biggest differences between an otherwise healthy child and one who has CP is the amount of medical intervention your little one will likely need. Since CP can cause a range of physical ailments, your child may need physical therapy for the duration of her life to help with flexibility, strength, and balance. Speech therapy may be needed to improve communication, feeding, and swallowing, and occupational therapy could help with fine motor and self-care skills.

Depending on the severity of the CP, your child may require vision, hearing, and other assistive devices, and orthotics to help with balance and mobility. Children with severe forms of CP may need medication to help with pain and seizures, and to relax their muscles. She may even need surgery to improve severe cases of spasticity or deformation, and counseling for behavior or adjustment issues.

The good news is, cerebral palsy doesn’t get worse over time and although there isn’t a cure, early intervention can help your child to better manage its effects.

Protecting Your Family’s Future

Cerebral palsy has many different causes, including those created by a doctor’s negligence. Untreated newborn jaundice, breech birth, and other childbirth complications that caused a lack of oxygen to the baby’s brain can all result in cerebral palsy. If you believe that medical malpractice is the reason for your child’s condition, the attorneys of the Holton Law Firm want to help. You may be entitled to receive financial compensation that can help to pay for your child’s life-long medical bills. Schedule a consultation to speak with a legal professional about your situation by calling 888-443-4387. Be sure to request your FREE copy of the book Answers to Parents’ Questions About Birth Injuries, when you call.

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