Determining the link with obesity and gestational diabetes on adverse outcomes in pregnancy

Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) is a condition where mom develops diabetes late in her pregnancy. Normally in gestational diabetes, moms are not diabetic before they get pregnant however during the pregnancy for a number of factors mom will develop diabetes.  This can pose risks to the health of the baby. 


One risk factor for developing GDM is having a BMI of 30 or more. One study examined the perinatal outcome of pregnancy in which obesity was combined with GD (Hilden et al, 2019). Using a population over the course of 14 years, more than one million women in Sweden who did not have diabetes before pregnancy were compared. Around 68% of women with GDM fell into the overweight/obese category, versus 36% of the non-GDM group.  


What they found was promising; while both obesity and GDM separately have increased risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes, there is no link to an interaction between the two. “Excess maternal weight and GDM have comparable and independent effects on adverse perinatal outcomes” (Hilden et al, 2019). While obesity and GDM may not collectively have negative effects, they are still major risk factors during pregnancy. The authors note that more research is needed to find ways to better manage obesity. 


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