Talc Products Can Cause Ovarian Cancer When Used For Feminine Hygiene

A St. Louis jury has ordered Johnson and Johnson to pay $55 million to a woman who used baby powder containing talc.  The Plaintiff in this case used the Johnson and Johnson talc products for feminine hygiene, and was later diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

The Plaintiff is one of many women who have sued the company over allegations that they failed to properly warn their consumers about the risks and dangers of using talc products for feminine hygiene. 

One of the central questions in a case like this is whether or not the company knew or should have known that their products could endanger consumers.  In this scenario, it appears that Johnson and Johnson was aware of the risks and failed to communicate them to the public.

One internal memo from Johnson and Johnson stated that denying the link between using their talc products for feminine hygiene and cancer would be similar to how tobacco companies denied the link between smoking cigarettes and cancer. 

We have obtained the expert report submitted in a similar Johnson and Johnson case, and have provided a link to that report here.  The expert report states that tiny particles of talc and associated substances can actually be found in the fallopian tubes and ovaries after repeated exposure to the baby powder, and can show a causal connection between the talc use and ovarian cancer.

If you know someone who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer after using Johnson and Johnson talc products, you may be left with many unanswered questions.  Please contact our office. We are happy to help. 

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