Information on making a claim for property damage during a car wreck

We are often asked about Property Damage claims as a result of a car wreck.   If the driver who hit you has insurance,  in most instances,  that insurance will pay to fix or replace your car.  If the driver that hit you is uninsured,  and you have uninsured motorist coverage,  your UM coverage will pay to fix or replace your car.

Here are some Important Tips to follow if you are involved in a wreck and there is damage to your car.  First,  get out your cellphone and:  

1  Be sure and take pictures of any and all damage to your car while it is still at the accident scene.  Be sure and take the pictures from several sides so that you can demonstrate the damages.

2  Take pictures of anything that was in your car and was damaged in the wreck.  For example if you had an ipad or a computer in your car and it was damaged as a result of the impact,  be sure and get pictures of the item while it is still in the car.

3  Know the actual value of your car.   You can look up your car's value by year, make and model at Kelly Blue Book.  We have a link to their website.

4  If your car has to be towed,  be sure and find out where it is being towed.  

5. If your car can be repaired,  insist that the property parts for YOUR CAR are used in any repair work.  Also be sure the person doing the work is properly trained in car repair work.  

*****  Lastly,   if you have questions about who will pay for the damage to your car as a result of an accident and how much they should pay you,  call the Holton Law Firm.   We will be glad to answer your questions.

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