Truck Wreck Claims Are Not the Same as Car Wreck Claims

Many people think that a crash is a crash and that if you are injured because of someone else’s negligence or carelessness, it doesn’t matter who the other driver is in the eyes of the law. Unfortunately, this is not true when it comes to truck drivers who work for big transportation companies. There are many factors that make these cases more complicated and more difficult for injured victims to win than straightforward auto claims.

Factors That Make Truck Wrecks Difficult

If you are unlucky enough to be involved in a wreck with a semi-truck, you already know how much worse the crash is than a collision with another passenger car. A 40-ton tractor-trailer can do a lot of damage when it rear-ends or side-swipes a family A Close Up of a Car Accident and a Tow Truckminivan. Not only is the damage to the vehicle much more extensive, but injuries can be catastrophic and are frequently fatal. The differences don’t end there, however. Whenever a big truck is involved in a wreck, the driver’s employer sends investigators to the crash scene. Their goal is to shift the blame off their driver and onto the other drivers involved. A commercial truck driver also has a team of attorneys behind him to support him in court.

How You Can Take Advantage of These Factors

When you have experienced investigators and attorneys on your side, you can fight the claims of the trucker’s team. All trucks are equipped with GPS systems that store valuable information about how fast the truck was going at the time of the crash, when it last stopped, and whether the driver had heeded mandatory weigh station stops. In the hands of an attorney who is on your side, this information can make your case. Truck drivers are also required to keep log books of their driving hours and rest periods. The trucker’s attorney will not be anxious to hand that over, but an experienced truck wreck attorney can make sure he gets a look at this important record. With it, he can determine if the driver was over his hours of service and was driving while fatigued.

The Holton Law Firm Knows How to Handle Truck Wreck Cases

Truck wrecks do present challenges to injured victims, but the experienced truck wreck attorneys at Holton Law know how to meet these challenges head on. We will investigate your crash and take on the corporate investigators and attorneys representing the trucker. Call now to learn more about our firm: 888-443-4387.


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