Looking into the relationship between risk factors and placental abruption

Placental abruption is a situation where the placenta separates away from the uterine wall.  When this happens, the baby does not receive any oxygen whatsoever from the placenta and the umbilical cord. Immediate delivery of the child is required once an abruption occurs.  


According to Mayo clinic, most causes of placental abruption are unknown. Some  factors that can cause increased risk are: 


  • - Hypertension 

  • - Smoking 

  • - Over 40 

  • - A fall, or hit to the abdomen 


There are many studies still looking to figure out why they occur. Researchers have looked at anything from ambient temperature increase to a low pre-pregnancy BMI increasing the risk of an abruption. One such study looked at the relationship between angry outbursts to acute placental abruption.  


Chahal and colleagues wanted to look into the relationship between stress and anxiety during pregnancy and how it relates to placental abruption. They asked over 600 women about outbursts of anger preceding an acute abruption. The results? “The rate of abruption was 2.83‐fold higher in the 2 hours following an outburst of anger compared with other times” (Chahal et al 2019).  


Placental abruption can happen to any pregnant woman and can threaten the life of both baby and mother.  Once the signs and symptoms of abruption are detected, delivery of the baby should occur as soon as possible to minimize risks of damage to the baby.  If you have questions about the cause of your placental abruption, or are concerned that doctors didn't act fast enough in reacting to your placental abruption, contact the experienced attorneys at Holton Law. Give us a call at 888-443-4387, or fill out our contact form to learn more about your legal options.

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