The Federal Judge Overseeing The Xarelto Litigation Has Issued A Pretrial Order Which Changes The Way Xarelto Cases Can Be Filed. This Order Takes Effect On May 20, 2106.

The Federal Judge overseeing the  national Xarelto litigation recently issued a Pre-Trial order which changes the way in which cases against the manufacturer can be filed.  

As of May 20, 2016 the Federal Court will no longer accept multiple case filings.  In other words,  every Xarelto case after May 20, 2016, will have to be an individual filing.   This is a significant change.  There are also other deadlines which apply to individual persons who were harmed by Xarelto.

Because of the complex nature of these deadlines,  the Holton Law Firm is available to discuss how those deadlines might affect your individual case.    

The popular blood thinner XARELTO, has been the subject of controversy lately due to risks of fatal internal bleeding and fatal brain hemmhorage.  XARELTO has been marketed as an alternative to warfarin or cumadin.  However,  there is no way to reverse the effects of Xarelto if the person taking Xarelto begins to bleed. 

As always, do not make changes or stop taking your prescription medication without consulting your doctor.

If you or someone you know has taken XARELTO and suffered internal bleeding, brain hemmhorage or other serious side effect, call The Holton Law Firm at (901) 523-2222. 

Here is a link to Judge Fallon’s Order on Multiple Complaints:

Here is a link to the proposed Joint Xarelto Complaint:

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