The number of car wrecks increase in the fall due to a failure to maintain a safe lookout

When you have handled as many car wreck cases as we have here at the Holton Law Firm,   you can look back and see certain patterns develop.   Over the 30 years that we have been representing injured people,  we have found that the number of car wrecks always  increases  in the Fall.   As the days get shorter,  and it gets dark earlier,  many people forget to turn on their headlights.   Studies have shown that the human eye does not see well at sunset,  when its not dark yet,  but its getting there.  

This pattern has held true over many years.    As sunset comes earlier and earlier,  more and more people have difficulty seeing other cars,  and the number of car wrecks goes up.  This has been the case even though many of today's cars have automatic  headlights.   Low light conditions require extra attention and its often a lack of attention which causes many of the car wrecks we handle at this time of year.   

Failure to Maintain a Safe Lookout

Driver's are often charged with Failure to Maintain a Safe Lookout in these situations.  Every driver is required to maintain a safe lookout and when you do not pay proper attention and cause a car wreck,  you are not maintaining a safe lookout.

One of the most important rules to remember this time of year is to BE SEEN!  Make sure your lights are on so that other drivers will be sure to see you on the road.

If you or someone you know has been involved in an automobile accident because the other driver failed to maintain a proper lookout, call us here at the Holton Law Firm,  we will be glad to help.

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