The popular birth control device, Essure, has been given the FDA's strongest warning. The FDA warns that the Essure device could migrate away from its implant location and cause organ perforation, serious internal complications, bleeding and ectopic pregnancy.

Lawyers are often ridiculed and laughed at by the insurance companies and product and device manufacturers for jumping the gun or being too quick to warn about dangerous products and drugs.  Lawyers are typically among the first to know about products causing the same type of harm to users or consumers because people call us when they are injured or hurt.

It appears that we were right again.  Months ago, we began warning people about the dangerous side effects of the popular permanent birth control device, Essure.  Just this week, the FDA put a black box warning on Essure.  The black box warning is the most serious type of warning that the FDA can issue. 

Essure is a permanent birth control that looks like a screw or spring which is implanted in the fallopian tubes.  Once the body recognizes the foreign object, it begins to build scar tissue to protect the body from it.  The scar tissue eventually blocks the fallopian tube and closes it off thereby preventing pregnancy. 

According to the FDA, Essure has a tendency to migrate away from its implant location.  When the device moves, it can cause injuries and tears in organs, serious internal bleeding and abdominal pain and ectopic pregnancy. 

The lawyers at The Holton Law Firm are currently investigating Essure cases.  If you or someone you know has been implanted with an Essure permanent birth control device and is currently experiencing side effects, they may be entitled to compensation.  Call us at (901) 523-2222 for a free case evaluation or visit us on the web at 

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