Experienced Memphis Trial Attorneys Who Care About Clients

The attorneys who make up the Holton Law Firm are serious attorneys who have tried more than 150 cases in front of a jury, and won more than $260 million in financial compensation for their clients. The lawyers of the Holton Law Firm are also real people who take the time to get to know their clients, and work to create a professional yet friendly office environment.


The Holton Law Firm attorneys  ask their prospective clients a lot of questions.  They are not simply being nosy. The lawyers want to make sure they understand the circumstances surrounding an injury. 


In reviewing a potential case, the first step is often to request full medical records.  In an auto accident or personal injury case, those records show the depth of the injuries that were sustained.  In a potential medical malpractice case, the medical records can be used by the Holton Law Firm to reconstruct the treatment that was given, and find out whether or not adequate care was rendered. 


After this thorough review, the lawyers at the Holton Law Firm will know whether or not they can devote their time, experience and resources to a claim.  The Holton Law Firm prides itself on being straight forward with clients and prospective clients.  If the lawyers cannot pursue your case for some reason, they will not beat around the bush or try to dodge the specific questions you might have.  You deserve honest answers and information, and the Holton Law Firm will provide that to you.


In recent years, some law firms have begun to request large sums of money up front for a consultation and review of a potential case. The lawyers at the Holton Law Firm never request money up front to review an injury case.  The individuals who come to the Holton Law Firm have been hurt or wronged by someone, and is likely that those individuals are having a hard enough time trying to keep up with life’s demands while recovering from their injuries.  The attorneys at the Holton Law Firm strictly work on a contingency basis, and do not charge clients a single penny unless the Holton Law Firm has successfully recovered money to compensate the clients for their injuries.